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ZÉLIE - Coffee Table

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ZÉLIE details :

  • Dimensions: 440mm (Height) x 1550m (Length) x 1500mm (Width)
  • Colour: Natural Wood
  • Material: Recycled Australian Wood
  • Origin: Australia (WA)
  • Legs can be customized 


Introducing ZÉLIE, a magnificent coffee table crafted from a beautifully aged trunk. ZÉLIE derives its name from the French word "solennel," which signifies solemnity, dignity, and a sense of grandeur.

This masterful piece is created from a rare and aged trunk, carefully selected for its unique character and history. The rich patina, intricate grain patterns, and natural imperfections of the wood tell a story of time and endurance, adding a sense of depth and charm to your living space.

ZÉLIE's design allows for customizable legs of the coffee table, offering you the freedom to tailor its appearance to suit your personal style and preferences. Whether you prefer sleek metal, rustic wood, or any other material, ZÉLIE provides the flexibility to create a truly unique personalized aesthetic.

As a centrepiece in your home, ZÉLIE commands attention and admiration. Its substantial size and distinctive features make it a true statement piece, inviting conversation and drawing the eye with its captivating presence.

Experience the allure of ZÉLIE as it enhances your living space. Revel in its history, appreciate its craftsmanship, and embrace the opportunity to create a space that reflects your unique style and passion for design. With ZÉLIE, you possess a remarkable coffee table and a work of art that can be transformed to suit your evolving tastes. Let the solennel essence of ZÉLIE infuse your space with a sense of grandeur and timeless elegance.


To inquire about purchasing ZÉLIE:

Simply contact us via Instagram, Facebook, or email with your contact details, and we will get back to you shortly. We offer pick-up, delivery, and worldwide shipping options. For more information or additional product photos, feel free to send us a message. Thank you for considering ZÉLIE to enhance your living space.


Recycle Raw Material


Made in Australia