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Terms & Conditions


Eternel home decor furnitures are meticulously handcrafted by upcycling raw material from the territory of Australia.

We are proud to use Australian natural wood carefully. It is for the reason that our products are all unique and can not be created identically. Each and every wood grain has its own charm and own story which make each piece of work more special.

We would like you to note that there may be variations in color, size and design on the products on display. It also depends on the browser and monitor you are using to see our products.

Considering the size; every item has eccentric measurements which will make your home decor exceptional.



The wood used to create our furnitures and decor items can be sensitive to variations in moisture and in temperature especially in our delightful Australian land.

This means that cracks may appear depending on seasons, room climate and where it is exposed.

We would like to remind you that trees are living beings, this is the reason that natural wood can move at all times. This natural occurrence does not affect the quality of our products and gives them a unique charm.

Eternel's products are not toys and are designed for indoor decorative purposes. Please keep out of reach of little ones.



We take care of designing good quality products. Therefore each item got at least one coat of a good quality teak clear oil and will be protected with 100% Natural and food safe Beeswax.

Eternel home decor products are mostly for indoor use however if you would like to use outdoor; this is your own responsibility.

In both cases: It is highly recommended to protect your product at least three times a year by adding three coats for each time. We recommend a 100% Natural beeswax, (“Liquid Beeswax” from Gilly’s Australia). It helps to maintain your decor from temperature, humidity, etc. You can also use a clear oil for timber furniture.

Unprotected furnitures or decor items may occur to crack, split, change colour quicker. Any wood item which received a big amount of water may get mouldy.

It is suggested to dust your furnitures and decor items frequently with a damp cloth and dry off with a dry lint free cloth.

For the stability of your decor item it is suggested to add felt pads under products and it can also protect your floor from possible scratches.

Do not light up candles or any things which can occur to inflammation of Eternel's home decor items. Avoid heat, liquid, or hot food on your product.



Do not overload any articles. Coat stands  have a number of hook which can be use for hats, scarves, jumpers, coats, handbags etc. We recommend to use Eternel articles as a home decoration or a piece of art in your interior design.  Also, most of Eternel items are heavy, please carry, handle and lift with care.



Product prices are shown in Australian dollars inclusive of taxes (GST). Prices will differ in order to measurements, sizes and wood protection used (oil, wax, paint…)



Every payment should be made in Australian dollars. The full price must be paid before the delivery or at the time of purchase by bank transfer with a screenshot of the approval or by bank card.

We have made every effort to certify the security and privacy of your transaction and payments with us.

Your bank card information is not kept by Eternel Home Decor.

The invoice given to the buyer uses the information he communicated on the time of purchase; those data will be treated by us with secrecy. The data and personal information will be managed with confidentiality and only by us.



Eternel Home Decor are happy to deliver your unique decor item for an extra cost in the Perth’s region in WA. The delivery cost will vary in equivalent to the number of kilometres. We also can arrange the shipping process for delivery outside of Perth region

(Australian Wide only).



We do not offer refunds or exchanges on our products and decorative items.

Our team will be more than happy to support you, please feel free to contact us via email: for any questions and/or incertitude regarding Eternel Home Decor services.

Please be aware that email is not encrypted and not a secure means of transmitting credit card numbers. Do not ever send any bank/credit card information by email for any situations.


Thank you for your support & understanding



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Made in Australia