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Welcome to our Website



YERAZ - Stool and Side Table

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YERAZ details :

  • Dimensions: 460mm (Height) x 260mm (Diameter)
  • Specification: 4 Legs
  • Colour: Natural Wood
  • Material: Recycled Australian Wood
  • Origin: Australia (WA)


Introducing YERAZ, a captivating wooden stool and side table that brings a sense of serenity to your living space. Handcrafted with care, YERAZ is made from sustainable materials, reflecting our commitment to eco-conscious design. The name "YERAZ" is inspired by the Armenian word for "dream," symbolising the ethereal and imaginative essence of this versatile piece. Embrace the dream-like spirit of YERAZ and create a tranquil and harmonious ambiance in your home with this beautifully crafted stool and side table.


To inquire about YERAZ:

Simply contact us via Instagram, Facebook, or email with your contact details, and we will get back to you shortly. We offer pick-up, delivery, and worldwide shipping options. For more information or additional product photos, feel free to send us a message. Thank you for considering YERAZ to enhance your living space.


Recycle Raw Material


Made in Australia