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Set Tealight Holders

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Product details :

  • Colour: Natural Wood
  • Material: Recycled Australian Wood
  • Type of Candle: Tealight
  • Scent of the Candle: Tuscan Vineyard
  • Origin: Australia (WA)

    Small size:

    • Dimensions: 60mm (Height) x 80mm to 90mm (Diameter)

    Medium size:

    • Dimensions: 80mm (Height) x 80mm to 90mm (Diameter)

    Large size:

    • Dimensions: 100mm (Height) x 80mm to 90mm (Diameter) 

    Elevate your table setting with our set of three candle holders, each size offering a unique touch of authenticity. Handcrafted with care, these candle holders are made from sustainable and raw materials sourced from the beautiful landscapes of Australia, reflecting our commitment to environmental responsibility. The natural beauty of these holders shines through their distinct features, including captivating grain patterns, textures, colors, and shapes. Add a touch of nature's charm to your space and create a warm and inviting ambiance with these exquisite candle holders.


    Kindly be aware that the dimensions of each candle holder may vary due to their unique nature, ensuring that every piece is one-of-a-kind. Celebrate the beauty of individuality and embrace the distinct character that comes with each handmade candle holder.

    We offer pick-up, delivery, and worldwide shipping options. For more information or additional product photos, feel free to send us a message. Thank you for considering our candle holders to enhance your living decor.


    Recycle Raw Material


    Made in Australia